Gender Pay Gap 2022

SJOG Community services Gender Pay Gap 2022

Of the 2,895 staff employed in SJOG, the female/male gender breaks down at c77% female and 23% male. This ratio is mirrored in the breakdown of all roles held by the men and women working in SJOG at all levels.

In terms of the actual gender pay gaps, some key issues have emerged.  The median pay gap between men and women is – 0.2% in favour of female staff. When, calculating the mean– the gap widens to a + 3.3% in favour of male employees.

Given our charity status is not surprising that the pay gap on both BIK benefits and bonus payments is 0% reflecting the absence of both elements from staff T&Cs.

For part-time staff, the median & mean pay gap is 10.3% & 12.7% in favour of female staff. With regard to temp/fixed term staff there is a mean salary bias of 12.2.% or median (7.8%) in favour of male applicants.

Total Males and Females in SJOG Community Services

Total Employees Male Female Male % Female %
2895 670 2225 23.14% 76.86%

Males & Females in Each Quartile

Quartile Male Female
A (Upper) 25% 75%
B (Upper Middle) 21% 79%
C (Lower Middle) 21% 79%
D (Lower) 25% 75%

Gender Pay Gap Analysis

Mean Median
Overall Hourly Gender Pay Gap 3.3% -0.2%
Part-Time Hourly Gender Pay Gap -10.3% -12.7%
Temp Contracts Gender Pay Gap 12.2% 7.8%
Receiving Bonus Gender Pay Gap 0% 0%
Receiving BIK Gender Pay Gap 0% 0%

Minus symbol indicate a bias in favour of female employee versus a positive variance which reflect a gender pay bias in favour of male employees.