Data Protection – Easy Read Version

Information on the General Data Protection Regulation.

Data Protection regulations means that your personal information must be stored properly

There is a new rule called the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR

It became law on 25th May 2018

The new law means that all organisations are more accountable as to how they use your personal information.

It will also give you greater control over how your information is used, stored & shared.

You should know:

that Saint John of God Community Services:

have personal information about you, Why we have it and What we do with it

You have the right to ask us questions about any of this.

We  want to provide you with the best possible supports and services, therefore

we need to collect information about you,  store that Information carefully, and use it to support you.

Examples of the information that Saint John of God Community Services collect and hold includes:

  • Your Name
  • Your Gender
  • Your Date of birth
  • Your Religion
  • Your Address
  • Your Phone numbers
  • Your Next of Kin
  • Your Medical history
  • Your Behaviour Support Plans
  • Your Financial & Banking &Legal details
  • Multi-disciplinary Reports relating to you
  • Health & Safety Reportsrelating to you
  • Your Dental and GP appointments

This information may be in written form


  • in photos or video in order to support you better

We must keep your information safe

Sometimes we may share your information with other people. This is to make sure that we can give you the best service and supports.

Some of the people we may share information with include:

  • Staff who work with you
  • State Bodies who may need information
  • Family members or those who you have said we can.
  • Healthcare professionals and Hospital
  • Others organisation who support you.

If Saint John of God Community Services wants to use your information for reasons that do not relate to providing you with services and supports we must ask you first.

The Data Protection law says the information must always be correct and up to date.

If any of your information is incorrect we must correct it as soon as possible

Your information will not be kept for any longer than it is needed


longer than the law tells us that we must keep it for.

You have the right to ask to see the information we have about you.

We must get back to you within 30 days of you asking for it. We will let you know if it is going to take us some extra time to gather your information. It may take up to 60 extra days.

If we say No to giving you the information we must tell you why

If you are not happy with this you can contact the Data Protection Commissioner at

Data Protection Commissioner’s Office, 21 Fitzwilliam Square South, Dublin 2, D02 RD28 or at

They will check what information we have

They will ask us why we said No.

If they don’t agree with our reasons, they will tell us to give you your information.

If You have any questions about your personal data

you can contact :

The Saint John of God Community Services Data Protection Office by email at


your local Operations Manager

Kerry Services:

North East Services:

Dublin South East:

Liffey Services:

Mental Health Services: