Gender Pay Gap 2023

SJOG Community services Gender Pay Gap 2023

Overall, our gender pay gap reveal a + 2.1% bias in favour of males. However, when looked at under the median gender pay gap this falls to -0.2%.

The gender pay gap for part-time staff reveals a -8.9% (mean) or -13.6% (median) raking in favour of female employees. This reflects the number of senior female staff who opt to work less than full time.

The gender pay gap for contract staff broadly reflects pay parity between male & female staff (+0.9% in favour of males using the mean, falling to -0.5% when assessed using the median).

In terms of the overall workforce, SJOG community services employs approximately 2,982 individuals. This breaks down as 23.5% male & 76.45% female and mirrors the distribution of senior/promotional roles throughout the Organisation (see below).

Total Males and Females in SJOG Community Services

Total Employees Male Female Male % Female %
2982 702 2279 23.5% 76.45%

Males & Females in Each Quartile

Quartile Male Female Quartile Ranking System
A (Upper) 21% 79% 745.50
B (Upper Middle) 19% 81% 1491
C (Lower Middle) 19% 81% 2236.5
D (Lower) 23% 77% 2982

Gender Pay Gap Analysis

Mean Median
Overall Hourly Gender Pay Gap 2.1% -0.2%
Part-Time Hourly Gender Pay Gap -8.9% -13.6%
Temp Contracts Gender Pay Gap 0.9% -0.5%
Receiving Bonus Gender Pay Gap 0% 0%
Receiving BIK Gender Pay Gap 0% 0%

Minus symbol indicate a bias in favour of female employee versus a positive variance which reflect a gender pay bias in favour of male employees.